Back in April, I read this post by Miguel de Icaza about the C# REPL (read-eval-print-loop) feature coming to MS.NET framework (previously it had only run on the... »

The Widow's Mite

This is a booklet that my sister wrote. She is an extremely talented woman and I look up to her. Buy lots of these, it is... »


I've been looking at replacing an application at work that was original written in C. The application has it's own little language for defining hardware register... »

I don't read backwards

I really like xkcd, the online comic strip. So, here are a couple of xkcd posts that I like. Each image is a link to the... »


For a while at work, we've been using the Hudson continuous integration server for managing our builds. We use it in a couple different ways. We... »

Rock Band Beatles

My family got me Rock Band Beatles for Father's Day. You may be wondering how I know this the day before Father's Day. Well, it just... »

It didn't happen

If you remember this post, I was hoping to be back down around my low point by the summer. That didn't happen. Not even close. I... »

My Mom

Children don't often get the chance to tell their parents that they are proud of them. My mom has always put her heart into her work... »

8-bit Wonders of the World

Recently on digg (or maybe it was reddit) there was a link to an 8-bit version of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon.” What is... »