The Greatest Classical Concert of All Time

This is not an historical account of any concert I have ever been to. It is more like a wishlist for the perfect concert of classical music that I can think of. These pieces are in no particular order.

Respighi - Pines of the Appian Way

This conductor is a bit overboard, but fun to watch.

Dvorak - New World Symphony

I can listen to this full piece over and over and over. The Largo (movement 2) is one of my favorite pieces of music ever written.

Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture

I played this piece in high school symphony, it has left a lasting impression on me. There are several parts where the trombones rest for what seems like hundreds of measures, so the other trombone players and I came up with a nice story about a little Russian woman who's village is razed while she is away and she goes on a quest for vengeance. Along the way she meets up with an Indian snake charmer and some other interesting people. The cannons at the end are her triumphal attack on the city of the people who killed her family. Don't judge me, it was a long time to rest.

Tchaikovsky - Marche Slave

This is a piece that was done by the same symphony above the year before I was in high school. My sister was in choral groups and all the musical groups did a big concert, so I got to hear this piece and have loved it since.

Edvard Grieg - In the Hall of the Mountain King

One of the first classical pieces I remember being exposed to. I am not sure where or when, but I've always liked it.

Aaron Copeland - Fanfare for the Common Man

This piece has been used in movies a lot, but I don't think it's been overused. It's still a moving piece to me. I love the combination of the percussion and brass. Simple.

There are other pieces I could add to this perfect concert, but I'm not going to.