Rock Band Beatles

My family got me Rock Band Beatles for Father's Day. You may be wondering how I know this the day before Father's Day. Well, it just so happens that we are terrible with dates around here. Back before Mother's Day, I thought I had another week to get things done, but lo and behold, it was the next day. I think things turned out pretty well, considering I had to run out with the kids and find some presents. We got her a "Princess For A Day" thing at a nearby spa. A little cliché, but what you gonna do? She'll enjoy the massage and such, who wouldn't?! So, we come now to Father's Day. We all thought it was last Sunday, so the rest of the family "snuck" out of the house on Saturday of last week and went to the store and purchased some gifts. It wasn't until we went to a BBQ at my brother's house that we found out it wasn't until the 20th. My son was having a really hard time keeping secrets about what the presents were (he told me a couple times what was in a couple of them). So, they let me open some of the presents early. I was really excited about Rock Band Beatles when it came out. I _really_ enjoy the Beatles, they have been my favorite band since middle school. I only got to play it one night last week, because we had something going on every night. I played through about 10 or 12 songs and loved it. The songs are great, the guitar parts are fun to play, and the music is much better for the kids than the normal Rock Band (we really want to get Lego Rock Band for that reason). I'm looking forward to tomorrow, there is still one more present to open, and my wife is making me biscuits and gravy, one of my favorite breakfasts! She is amazing!