The Future of Energy

This talk is awesome. I really hope becomes mass produced. Dan Nocera: Personalized Energy from PopTech on Vimeo. »

Guest Posting

I'm guest posting on my wife's blog once a month for a while to talk about music and what we're currently listening to in our house.... »

And so it begins...

Tomorrow I start into my healthy kick again. I know that sounds kind of like an arbitrary day to start, but for the past two weeks... »


Last year between January and May I dropped about 55lbs of weight and felt really good. I did this using a BodyBugg device and being a... »

Old Times

In the past, my wife has asked me to play my trombone again. It's a "talent" I have and really enjoyed middle school through the first... »

Cover Me

I saw this link on Digg that said "Neil Young sings 'Fresh Prince'" (or something similar) and was instantly hooked. I love covers, especially when someone... »

War and Peace

For about 10 years I have been trying to read the book War and Peace. The first time I started, I got about 20 pages in, got... »


The other day at work, I had a great idea come to me. For the longest time the hardware team at work has been wanting some... »

The Nameless One

My wife is into naming cars. Her first car was named Meridith; this is what Meridith looked like: (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company) That's a... »

One Hit Wonders

I often find a song from a band that I really, really like. The problem is, I think to myself, "Gee, if I like this song,... »

Code looks terrible

Source code looks terrible on here...any tips to making it look nicer?Update: adding a pre tag around the code makes it at least format somewhat correctly...... »