IronPython Bytecode Interpreter

One of the things that people would really like to have on IronPython is support for pre-compiled Python (.pyc) files. These files are pre-parsed and converted... »

Groovy 'def' Jam

As a way to blow off some steam, I like to contribute to open source software. You might ask why, as a software developer who spends... »

Jenkins - Jelly to Groovy

At work we use Jenkins for our continuous integration setup. As I have mentioned previously I really, really like Jenkins (I blogged about Hudson previously, but we moved... »

Testing With IronPython

At my work, we do validation of system on a chip devices. We have our own internal hardware team that designs boards for us to use... »

New Blog Site

I am working on getting this new blog site up and going. I'm currently using the default WordPress template among other things, which will change in... »

Music to Code To - Part 2

If you actually care to read about my background in music, please check out Music to Code To - Part 1, this port is going to... »

Music to Code To - Part 1

I go through spurts of time where I almost have to be listening to music for the creative coding juices to flow. A great coding song... »